Recycling Centres and permits

Recycling Centres and Recycling Permits

If you have a trade waste collection contract with us we will provide you with a Recycling Permit to allow you to bring separated materials for recycling to our Recycling Centres.

If you do not have a contract with us for our collection service you may purchase an annual Recycling Permit - to apply email

You must present your Recycling Permit to the Recycling Centre Attendant before you deposit material at the site.

What can I recycle with my Recycling Permit?

The Recycling Permit allows you to recycle; colour separated glass bottles and jars, metal tins and cans, plastic bottles, paper, card and cardboard.

Access and times

Access to the Recycling Centres in a van or a trailer is only permitted between 8:30 to 10:30am. Anyone wishing to access the sites in a van or a trailer will be required to complete an application form to register that vehicle.

Commercial customers are not restricted to the number of visits they can make to the sites between those times. Use of the sites for any material not covered by your Recycling Permit will be charged on a per tonne basis at the rate indicated for that charge period. A minimum of half a tonne charge may apply.

The disposal charges depend upon the amount and type of waste you deposit. A Waste Transfer Note must be completed at the time and you will be required to provide proof of address and photographic identification. You must present your Waste Carriers Licence or registration (you can find more details on the SEPA website) on arrival and complete and sign a Waste Transfer Note in order to your deposit waste.

Remember even if you do not need a Waste Carriers Licence you must be on SEPA's Register of Professional Collectors and Transporters of Waste to transport waste from your business to one of our sites. There is no charge for this type of registration. Please contact SEPA to register.