Recycling Centres and permits

Recycling Centres and Recycling Permits

If you have a trade waste collection contract with us we will provide you with a Recycling Permit to allow you to bring separated materials for recycling to our Recycling Centres.

If you do not have a contract with us for our collection service you may purchase an annual Recycling Permit - to apply email

You must present your Recycling Permit to the Recycling Centre Attendant before you deposit material at the site.

What can I recycle with my Recycling Permit?

The Recycling Permit allows you to recycle; colour separated glass bottles and jars, metal tins and cans, plastic bottles, paper, card and cardboard.

Access and times

Permit holders do not have to book to use the Recycling centre, but do have to show a valid permit on each occasion they visit the centre.

Access in a van will only be permitted between 10:00am and 11:45am and only to deposit items specified on the permit. Any attempt to dispose of items not listed will result in the permit being withdrawn with no refunds given.