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Bolinda BorrowBox eAudiobooks and eBooks

Access a variety of eBooks and eAudiobooks for adults and children by downloading the Borrowbox app available from the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon Apps.

You will need your Library Membership Number and an email address.

  • enter your Library Membership Number where it asks for a username
  • if you have a Membership Number beginning with B, include the B and the 9 digits
  • if you have a 16-digit smartcard number, enter the first 14 digits only (ignore the last two digits)
  • if you have an online Membership number beginning with X, enter the X and 7 digits
  • your PIN/password is the same PIN you would use for accessing the Library Catalogue and provided when you initially join the Library. If you have forgotten your PIN/Password, please visit the Library catalogue to reset.

Full instructions are available in the help section on the Borrowbox website.

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CloudLibrary by Bibliotheca

From the end of May, we will be focusing our resources on one platform for eBooks and eAudiobooks. We hope that having all our titles in one place will make borrowing much simpler for our users and help us to reduce some of the waiting lists on popular titles.  Borrowbox will be our only platform which means there will be no access to CloudLibrary from June 2024.  To access Borrowbox and view the wide range of eBooks and eAudiobooks we have please see the information noted above.

We would like to take this opportunity to ask your opinion on how we buy eBooks. Borrowing an eBook or eAudiobook works in the same way as going into one of our libraries and borrowing a book from the shelf. While you have the book on loan no-one else can borrow it. This is why we have long waiting lists on some of the most popular titles when they’re first released. To shorten these waiting lists, we could buy extra copies of popular titles, or alternatively would you prefer to have access to a wider range of titles or genres? 

Please email your preference and any further comments or suggestions to