Transparent Language Online

Transparent Language Online is a online language course which provides free unlimited access to library members.It offers the widest variety of high quality learning materials and integration of real-life language used by native speakers.

  • unlimited access to courses in over 90 languages from Afrikaans to Zulu
  • learn to listen, speak, read and write with online lessons catering for all learning abilities
  • English Learning for Beginner and Intermediate levels with English materials for speakers of more than 25 languages including Ukrainian. 
  • KidSpeak is accessible through Transparent Language Online and is a fun, age appropriate online language course for children ages 6 and up! Available for English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish
  • Transparent Language Online also includes courses for professionals designed to help learners increase their ability to use the language effectively in real life situations. "For professionals” courses are currently available in Modern Standard Arabic, German, Indonesian, and Italian.
  • language learning on the go with Apple and Android apps.

How to access Transparent Language Online

  • enter your Library Membership Number
  • if you have a Membership Number beginning with B, enter the B and the 9 numbers
  • if you have a 16-digit Smartcard Number, enter the first 14 digits only (with no spaces)
  • if you have an online Membership number beginning with X, enter the X and 7 digits
  • following the on screen information to sign up

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