Universal Class

Universal Class offers over 500 courses including Yoga, Digital Photography, Computer Basics, Excel, and Accounting & Bookkeeping for Everyone. With real instructors guiding the learning, video based lessons, graded lesson tests and certificates of achievement students can enjoy an engaging and measurable learning experience.

Popular courses include

  • Autism 101
  • Alzheimer's Disease 101
  • Basic Math 101
  • Confidence Building
  • Child Psychology 101
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse 101
  • Advocacy for Elderly Patients
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Interview Skills

How to Access Universal Class

  • Enter your Library Membership Number
  • If you have a Membership Number beginning with B, enter the B and the 9 numbers
  • If you have a 16-digit Smartcard Number, enter the first 14 digits only (with no spaces)
  • If you have an online Membership number beginning with H, enter the H and the 7 numbers

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