Transparent Language Online

Transparent Language Online is a online language course which provides free unlimited access to library members.It offers the widest variety of high quality learning materials and integration of real-life language used by native speakers.

  • Unlimited access to courses in over 90 languages from Afrikaans to Zulu.
  • Learn to listen, speak, read and write with online lessons catering for all learning abilities.
  • English Learning for Beginner and Intermediate levels with English materials for speakers of more than 25 langauges.
  • KidSpeak is accessible through Transparent Language Online and is a fun, age appropriate online language course for children ages 6 and up! Available for English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish
  • Language learning on the go with Apple and Android apps.

How to access Transparent Language Online

  • Enter your Library Membership Number
  • If you have a Membership Number beginning with B, enter the B and the 9 numbers
  • If you have a 16-digit Smartcard Number, enter the first 14 digits only (with no spaces)
  • If you have an online Membership number beginning with H, enter the H and the 7 numbers
  • Following the on screen information to sign up.

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