Our Home Library Service is for anyone who, for health and wellbeing reasons, is unable to collect their books.  If you or someone you know has no-one to collect books for them via the click and collect service, then we can get them delivered instead.

Our home delivery customers can borrow books (normal or large print) and audio books. Customers tell us what they would like delivered such as favourite authors, genres or interests and volunteer drivers bring a bag of resources to their doorstep. 

This service is usually available on a temporary basis e.g. if you are just out of hospital, or on a longer term basis if necessary.

If you would like to access our home delivery service or know a relative who would benefit from this service please contact 01620 827827 and ask for your local library - click to find details of your local library 

Alternatively please get in touch at  libraries@eastlothian.gov.uk