Our services

We can tell you if the Council owns a particular property

Estates maintains a map based computerised record of properties owned by the Council. 

All enquiries about property or ground ownership and requests for information on boundary issues should be directed to us.  Where appropriate, the matter may be passed to the Council's Solicitor to refer to the actual title documents.

If you wish to enquire about ownership please contact us using the links at the end of this document, please include the address or location of the property.  Only information on council ownership is available.  This service is free of charge.

Information regarding ownership of land and property can be found at Registers of Scotland, telephone: 0845 607 0161. A fee is charged for this service. 

Enquiries regarding the management and maintenance for grass, landscaping and open space (for example, communal amenity or landscaped areas) should be directed to Landscape and Countryside.

We grant access across council land for the utility services

The Council's formal consent is required for the laying of any utility or services (such as power, water or drainage), across land in our ownership if this land does not form part of a public road or footpath. 

These consents are known as wayleaves or servitudes and will be processed by Estates on request.  Please contact us for further information.  Where the services are to be laid over or under a public road or footpath, please contact our Roads and Transportation.

We provide advice and assistance on property matters to council services

We help other council departments maximise the effective and efficient use of council property.  We provide the valuation of its property assets and contribute to the discussions about corporate property issues.

We will assist with service delivery by property acquisition:

  • the management of landlord and tenant issues where properties are held on lease from private landlords
  • the provision of expert advice on property issues