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Bisaccount is a simple, secure, sign-in process to help businesses prove who they are and transact with the council online using just one username and password. This is a free service provided by the Scottish Government’s Improvement Service.#


Register for Bisaccount

When you register for Bisaccount, you create a unique username and get a password you can use to sign in for the first time. When you sign in for the first time you then create your own secure password.

When you sign up to use Bisaccount, the data fields to be shared with the council are shown on screen before you sign up. That way, you know exactly which details of your own data will be shared to use the service. This helps to ensure your account belongs to you and only you.

Register or sign in to your Bisaccount

Get help with Bisaccount

To find out more about Bisaccount or if you need help with registration, signing in or if you forget your details and need to reset your password - go to the the Bisaccount help page to answer any of your queries. If you can't find the right answer you can also log a query with the Bisaccount Helpdesk.