Current vacancies

You can view all our vacancies and apply online via the MyJobScotland website. Where possible all vacancies should be applied for online. If you need a computer and Internet access then contact your local library or complete the libraries online booking form to arrange free access.

East Lothian Council Vacancies on MyJobScotland

Register for job alerts

You can get notified of any of our jobs by email. All you need to do is log-on to your MyJobScotland account and create your own search criteria by registering for job alerts.

Application process

Applications can be saved and retrieved at any time when completed online. For more advice on how to apply for a job with East Lothian Council, please read our guide on Completing a Successful Application.

You may be asked a pre-screening question when you apply for a vacancy. This is to save you time and effort when completing an application if you do not meet one of the essential criteria of the post.

Some frequently asked recruitment questions

Who is eligible to apply for an Internal Only vacancy?

All current ELC employees. Casual workers and agency staff may apply but must be undertaking work for East Lothian Council at the time the vacancy is being advertised.


We do not accept CVs for any vacancy.

Submitting an application following a closing date.

We will not accept any applications for an advertised position following the closing date unless there has been a technical problem with the MyJobScotland website, which can be confirmed by MyJobScotland. A problem with an individual's Internet access or with their PC is out with our control.

I've forgotten my MyJobScotland password what do I do?

We are unable to reset your MyJobScotland account passwords, but visit