East Lothian Council uses various different recruitment agencies when taking on temporary agency workers. These agencies were selected as part of a national procurement processes undertaken by Scottish Procurement, on behalf of all public sector organisations in Scotland, and Scotland Excel, on behalf of local authorities in Scotland.

If you are a prospective supplier wishing to bid for public sector goods and services please see Scottish Government Procurement Guidance for Suppliers.

We have no control over how the agencies operate, and who they employ. The contract of employment for agency staff exists between the individual and the agency, and not with the council.

We make use of agency workers on a short term basis to cover seasonal work, periods of high demand, periods of absence and in areas where a specific skill is required for a defined period of time.

Agency staff are used to supplement, not replace permanent council employees. The agencies listed below are effective for a 4 year period from 13 April 2023 until 12 April 2027. We are unable to use any recruitment agencies who have not been through the procurement process outlined above.

Which recruitment agencies do we currently use?

Interim Professionals

Interim IT

Admin Staff, Catering Staff, Manual Staff