What can we offer you?

If you are interested in doing a little bit to help look after our countryside, look no further! We are always keen to take on volunteers. We have a variety of options and some may suit you more than others.

For all volunteer enquiries or to apply please contact the countryside officer or you can download and return the volunteering application to landscapeandcountryside@eastlothian.gov.uk

Download countryside volunteering application

Path Wardens

These people have elected to give a bit of love to paths in their locality, by carrying out small-scale clearance work, litter picking etc, to ensure the paths are in good order. There are more paths than path wardens, however and some paths need more than one warden! So if you can get out on a local path once / twice a month please get in touch.


Survey and monitoring projects which could only work with volunteer help. Do you fancy helping check the grazing animals we frequently have on our sites? Would you like to help out in a longer-term project that monitors an eider duck breeding colony? These and other, occasional options are all available.

All volunteers are asked to complete registration form and your details are securely stored. Upon receipt of the form I always find it best to have a chat to make sure everything is agreed and you are getting what you want out of it.

Group work or lone working?

Potentially either, volunteers are like anyone else, some of us prefer the wild open spaces to ourselves, others prefer to mingle with like-minded folk. Both can be done.

Frequency of volunteering?

Varies enormously on you and the group/s to which you are attached. On average volunteers come out 1-2 x per month across the board, though this is an average, some come out much more, others only occasionally. It works either way.

What work are you likely to be doing?

Either practical conservation work or some sort of survey and recording work.