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Making arrangements for the civil partnership

If you want to have a civil partnership in Scotland, you can choose to either have a civil partnership registration only or you can register the civil partnership and have a ceremony.There is some paperwork to be completed and you can find out more about making the arrangements at the National Records of Scotland website.

Registering your intention to enter a registered civil partnership

In all cases, both civil partners must each complete and submit Civil Partnership Notice Form (CP10) to the registrar for the district in which they intend to have their civil partnership registered, together with the appropriate fee and other relevant documents.

Civil Partnership notice forms may be obtained from any registration office in Scotland or downloaded from the National Records of Scotland website.

Civil Partnership Notice Form (CP10)

After your Civil Partnership notice forms have been received, examined and lodged, you can opt to hold a Civil Partnership registration. This is simply a few words spoken by the Registrar, after which the Schedule is signed by both parties and your witnesses. Finally the Registrar's signature is added to complete the registration.

Where can registration take place?

Couples can have a civil partnership registration at John Muir House, Haddington, The Brunton Hall, Musselburgh or The Town House, Dunbar. In East Lothian, couples also have the option of requesting a non-statutory partnership ceremony which will enhance the registration process.

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Conversion of a Civil Partnership to marriage

If you are already in a Civil Partnership and wish to convert this to a Same Sex Marriage, please contact the Registrar's office to book an appointment. You will need:

If you wish to convert to a marriage through a ceremony, please visit the notice of marriage in Scotland page.