Musselburgh West Phase 1

The residents parking scheme was introduced to reduce indiscriminate parking in streets close to the Queen Margaret University campus.

  • residents within the boundary shown on the map below may apply for a permit
  • qualifying residents displaying a valid permit may park in any street within this boundary without being subject to a time limit
  • the controlled hours are 8.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday
  • click on the boundary in the map for more information

The streets affected by the scheme are:

  • Clayknowes Court
  • Denholm Avenue
  • Denholm Drive
  • Mucklets Avenue
  • Mucklets Court
  • Mucklets Drive
  • Mucklets Crescent
  • Mucklets Place
  • Whitehill Avenue
  • Whitehill Farm Road (odd numbers only - 1 to 57 inclusive)
  • Whitehill Gardens

Replacement residents permits

Current parking permits expire in October 2025, You will have to re-apply for your permit as normal at the start of October 2025.

If you change your vehicle during this time period then you still need to email to organise a replacement permit with the correct vehicle details.