Musselburgh West Phase 1

The residents parking scheme was introduced to reduce indiscriminate parking in streets close to the Queen Margaret University campus.

  • residents within the boundary shown on the map below may apply for a permit
  • qualifying residents displaying a valid permit may park in any street within this boundary without being subject to a time limit
  • the controlled hours are 8.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday
  • click on the boundary in the map for more information

The streets affected by the scheme are:

  • Clayknowes Court
  • Denholm Avenue
  • Denholm Drive
  • Mucklets Avenue
  • Mucklets Court
  • Mucklets Drive
  • Mucklets Crescent
  • Mucklets Place
  • Whitehill Avenue
  • Whitehill Farm Road (odd numbers only - 1 to 57 inclusive)
  • Whitehill Gardens

Replacement residents permits

Due to the coronavirus pandemic our admin team are remote working so have limited access to printing equipment to issue replacement residents permits.

Therefore existing permits will be extended for 1 year until 31 October 2021. You do not need to take any action and can just continue to use your existing permit. Parking Attendants will be aware of this extention.

You will have to reapply for your permit as normal at the start of October 2021.

If you change your vehicle during this time period then you still need to email to organise a replacement permit with the correct vehicle details.