Street lighting

Report a street lighting fault online

You can also report a fault by calling our Roads Helpline on 01875 824305.


We maintain more than 18,600 street lights throughout East Lothian's adopted road network to assist:

  • traffic safety
  • pedestrians to see hazards, orientate themselves, recognize other pedestrians and feel more secure
  • reduce crime and the fear of crime

We also maintain the flashing beacon lights on zebra crossings, as well as illuminated signs and bollards

Our maintenance and inspection programme covers the vast majority of street lights within the county, and includes an out of hours emergency service.

We provide the following services:

  • street lighting maintenance
  • street lighting design
  • advice to developers
  • road construction consent approval
  • out of hours emergency service
  • electrical testing
  • structural testing

Current and future developments

  • reducing energy and maintenance costs by replacing all discharge lamps with LEDs to improve colour rendition and minimise lighting pollution.
  • replacing steel lighting columns with aluminium columns to extend their lifespan.