Haddington Sustainable Transport Hub

East Lothian Council is proposing to increase the amount of short-stay parking in and around the town centre in order to move forward with the vision for Haddington as a thriving market town.

To enable this, some existing long-stay car parking in the town centre would be re-designated for short-stay use. This will improve parking options for shoppers and visitors.

This would include the potential re-designation of the existing ‘Tesco long-stay’ car park for short-stay use. The status of the car park at John Muir House, East Lothian Council’s head office, will be reviewed to consider the potential for an area to be available for wider public use.

New long-stay car parking – accommodating commuters who require to be parked in the town for the duration of the working day – would be provided through the creation of an edge-of-centre 'Sustainable Transport Hub' at Whittingehame Drive, to the east of the town.

This new facility would provide up to 220 long-stay parking spaces within a 10-minute walk of the town centre. It would also incorporate options for ‘park and ride’, ‘park and stride’, electric vehicle fast chargers, cycle parking and cycle hire.

Further information can be found below:

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