Food safety training

If you run a food business you have a legal duty to ensure that anyone working with food or in a food environment is suitably trained in food safety.

Everyone has to be supervised, instructed or trained in food safety controls relevant to the job they are carrying out. Therefore the level of instruction / training required will vary between different members of staff. For example, those involved in the service of food will not require the same level of knowledge or instruction as those involved in actually handling and preparing the food.

Food safety training for staff will involve a mixture of formal and in-house instruction. It is also important to ensure that records of any training or instruction provided is recorded and signed by the member of staff.

To find suitable training centres and course presenters you can contact the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS),

You may also find the training information on the Food Standards Agency website helpful, it includes further links to training materials on food allergens which all food business operators and staff should be aware of.