The Environmental Health Service is directly involved in the licensing process of premises and persons in terms of:

  • Houses in Multiple Occupation
  • Public Entertainment
  • Sale of alcohol
  • Street traders
  • Market traders
  • Late hours catering
  • Tattooing and skin piercing, including electrolysis, ear piercing and acupuncture
  • Sunbed Parlours
  • Pet Shops
  • Animal Boarding
  • Riding Establishments
  • Caravan Sites

The Environmental Health Service is consulted and responds to all Licensing Applications that are submitted to East Lothian Council.

Whether it be a public health or business regulation input (or indeed both), the Service ensures that the applicant is aware of the requirements necessary for operating safely and in compliance with the law.

Please contact Environmental Health for further information on any specific input that you require.

Please note that general Licensing queries should continue to be directed towards the Licensing Service.