Our Environmental Protection team investigates complaints from members of the public and businesses about pests which are a threat to public health. Where necessary, the team has enforcement powers to ensure that owners / occupiers of premises take action to deal with pests.


Due to the current coronavirus outbreak can you email ehts@eastlothian.gov.uk  with enquiries. Additionally, If you are a council tenant then you can call the contact centre on 01620827827 and ask for ‘pest control for a council house’ and they will send someone out to deal with this.

Rodents (rats and mice)

  • investigate complaints from members of the public who think that they have problems with rodents
  • carry out rodent surveys of areas/premises where rats are believed to be
  • carry out enforcement action against anyone who has rats on their land and who is unwilling to take action to eradicate them
  • provide general advice on rodents and rodent-proofing and provide contact details for pest control contractors where treatment is required


  • investigate complaints about public health insects such as fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs, etc.
  • respond to complaints for honey bee swarms and arrange collection from local beekeepers
  • provide members of the public with a contact list of pest control contractors if treatment is required


  • Environmental Protection carry out an annual feral pigeon control programme to help reduce problems with pigeons in the main towns in East Lothian
  • investigate people who excessively feed nuisance birds such as gulls, pigeons and starlings and advise on best practice on how to attract garden birds to the area


  • provide advice on all pest control related issues
  • give talks/presentations to groups, schools and members of the public
  • provide information on legislation relating to pest control

Pests not treated

Whilst the following pests are not treated, help and advice relating to these pests can be obtained from the Environmental Protection Team:

  • bats
  • bees
  • gulls
  • pigeons
  • squirrels
  • foxes
  • rabbits
  • moles