Wildlife Crime is any act that is made illegal in Scotland under legislation with regard to certain birds, animals and plants including their habitats, both on land and at sea.

It includes the illegal disturbance, destruction, theft and sale of animals and plants both in the countryside and urban areas, and includes the destruction of and damage to protected habitats. Wildlife Crime poses significant harm to the species targeted by the criminals, as well as the communities who rely on wildlife for employment and tourism.

What are the Wildlife Crime Priorities in Scotland?

There are currently six specific Wildlife Crime Priorities in Scotland and in the UK:

  • Bat persecution
  • Badger persecution
  • Birds of Prey (Raptor) persecution
  • Freshwater Pearl Mussels
  • CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) issues
  • Poaching and coursing

For more information on wildlife crime and thier priorities you can visit the Police Scotland website.

Report a Wildlife Crime

These officers can be contacted to report crime or to seek advice on wildlife crime matters or you can: