The Best of East Lothian's Wildlife is a guide to the best places to enjoy the county's wildlife and countryside.

It costs £4.50 and is widely available at local outlets or can be purchased (add £1.50 p&p) from ourselves by:

What to see: wildlife through the year

The guide covers what to see and do in East Lothian all year round - from the frog chorus croaking away at a Linkfield pond in John Muir Country Park to the midwinter sky.

Take a look at our Wildlife Taster booklet

Wildlife watching tips

There may be a host of birds, bugs and beasties at your doorstep and beyond, but this is of little use if you are not equipped in the skills to sneak up on them. Try these tips:

  • dress in neutral clothing - green / brown colours will help you blend in to most places, so wear clothes in these colours and avoid fabrics that rustle - if you want to get really close cover any exposed skin
  • you smell - nothing personal, but humans have a scent, add perfume and any self-respecting badger etc. will sniff you from miles away - so leave off the smellies and try and have any wind coming towards you
  • get down - standing up and walking around, we tend to stick out, and can easily be an obvious silhouette against the background. Be prepared to crouch and crawl into the ideal position. Above all, be patient, wait once you are there.
  • move slowly and quietly - I find walking on the outside edge of my boots and rolling the foot forwards makes less noise than thumping all my foot down in normal walking fashion
  • when to go - most animals and birds are active at dawn and dusk and get harder to see during the middle of the day - but it depends, butterflies and bats are two of the exceptions to this rule!

Wildlife guided walks