Five potential locations have been identified in Tranent for a pump track as shown on the map. All of the sites are council-owned and would be subject to planning permission:

  1. Polson Park
  2. Meeting House Drive
  3. Ross High School parallel to 2G pitches
  4. Ormiston Road/ Muirpark Road
  5. Meadowmill
An aerial map image of Tranent showing the potential locations marked 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


1 Polson Park

Locating a new pump track in Polson Park in a space between the play area and the park would enhance the existing provision and help to create a 'destination park' with a range of facilities. However the proximity to housing and the potential reduction in open space for informal use are considerations. 

A view of Polson Park looking across the grass towards trees


2 Meeting House Drive

Close to Ross High School, Meeting House Drive has an existing multi-use games area on site. While it is a central location nearby parking is residents only.

A photograph of Meeting House Drive in Tranent. Grass in the foreground with a path and trees in the background


3 Ross High School (parallel to 2G pitches)

This is a large area of open space with existing recreational area close to Ross High School. it would be possible to use a currently unused area without impacting on the open space.

Ross High School 2G pitches on the right hand side with fence and hedge boundary. Open green space to the right with housing in the boundary.

4 Ormiston Road/Muirpark Road

Close to active travel routes and with a good-sized area of open space, locating a pump track alongside existing play equipment would help to crete a 'destination park' at Ormiston Road/Muirpark Road. The site is close to housing and there is no car park.

A photograph of Ormiston Road/Muirpark Road open green space. A tree is on the left hand side and housing along the far boundary of the space


5 Meadowmill

With extensive parking on site and good connectivity to active travel routes, Meadowmill offers enough space for a potentially larger site. It would not be overlooked by housing or residents however it's location outwith the town centre and proximity to trees and the Battlefield site may need consideration.

Photograph of space beside Meadowmill. A grassed area lies to the left of a path. Mature trees are in the boundary of the image.


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