Travelling people

Supporting education and attainment

In order to promote continuity of learning over periods of absence, our Inclusion and Equality Team and individual schools try to make sure arrangements are in place to allow for regular contact between teachers and travelling pupils.

We also aim to transfer information between schools quickly if a pupil moves from one school to another to try and avoid any disruption to their learning.

Sometimes schools can also work with travelling families to provide supported distance learning for their children.

Enrolment and induction

All staff who are involved in the enrolment/induction process should:

  • be trained and kept informed of policies and practices relating to Gypsy and Traveller communities
  • be sensitive to individual circumstances and able to offer help and advice where necessary
  • make information available to parents and pupils in formats that suit them best (e.g. face-to-face meetings or information provided in video rather than written format)
  • make sure parental views on their child's access to religion and sex education are discussed and recorded

If you are a Traveller or Gypsy family, the Head Teacher (or his/her representative) of your child's school should meet with you to:

  • explain all their school's policies and procedures (e.g. health and safety, bullying and race equality)
  • agree how you and the school will communicate

A key member of staff will be nominated to be your first point of contact and to deal with any issues. Your child's school will make sure:

  • you know the person and how to get in touch with them
  • school and education authority staff know who this is