Advice and support groups

We have a list of recognised groups and organisations that provide advice and support for those who may be in need of community care.

These are agencies and organisations that provide local and national services, ranging from advice to direct support to different sections of the community including:

  • carers
  • people with disabilities
  • people with mental health issues
  • older people

The organisations on our list have all been through a basic registration check and have adequate insurance arrangements in place.

You can contact us for information on these organisations using the information further down this page.

Whilst we believe they are suitable for providing services due to their registration with the Care Commission, we will not recommend on individual providers.

You do not have to have an assessment to contact any of the organisations on our list. However, if you want us to arrange a service on your behalf, or fund a service from one of the listed providers, you will need an assessment.

There is also a list of community groups and organisations available from the Volunteer Centre East Lothian Community Directory.

Further information

Please follow this link to find a comprehensive database of charitable organisations.

Please note that many of the agencies on this database are not current providers of services in East Lothian. This means they will not have had basic registration details checked.

Assessment, eligibility and charging for services

We use assessments to make sure our recommendations are appropriate, will address your needs and meet our eligibility criteria. To find out more about this, and our charging policy, please read our assessment of need section

To arrange an assessment, please contact us via the details below.