About care homes


East Lothian Health and Social Care care homes - Belhaven, Crookston, Eskgreen and The Abbey - are open for visiting and continue to follow the Scottish Government Guidance.  

Face coverings, hand hygiene and physical distancing are still required, although the manager will be able to provide further guidance on use of face coverings once inside the home.

About care homes

Care homes provide 24 hour support to people who feel they are no longer able to manage living independently. 

Choosing a Home

There are two main types of home, Nursing Homes and Residential Homes.

Nursing Homes are generally suitable for people with more complex needs who require nursing care. These homes employ both nursing and care staff.

Residential Homes are for people who are more independent with their needs. These homes generally do not employ nursing staff but have access to community nurses through the NHS.

Which home you should choose will depend on your level of need. Your social worker will help to advise you on this.

There are 17 care homes in East Lothian. East Lothian Council owns 4 care homes, 1 nursing home and 3 residential homes.

All care homes are inspected and regulated by the Care Inspectorate.

Care Inspectorate - Search and view inspection results

Useful information 

You might find some of the leaflets available from Age UK helpful when considering moving into a care home.

View Age UK website (ageuk.org.uk)