Signs of Safety

We use the Signs of Safety approach in our child protection case conferences. We know that you want to keep your child safe. The Signs of Safety approach will help you to do that. It is based on the understanding that you are the one who can make things better and our job is to help you to do that by listening to you and your family and friends. If it’s possible, we would like to work with all of you to make sure that your child is safe by building a safety network.

What is a safety network?

A safety network is a group of people, suggested by you and other people at your case conference, who can help you and your child when they think that you need it. Your child can get in touch with them if they are worried about something that is happening at home and you can go to them for support and advice too. The people in your safety network could be family and friends or other people you trust, supported by a social worker. The aim of the safety network is to help you and your children to stay together, if this is possible.

Your case conference

The case conference gives everyone the chance to talk about what needs to happen for your child to be able to live with you safely. Social workers and other professionals working with your child will also explain clearly what their concerns are. The person chairing the meeting will make sure that your views are taken into account and that you are treated with respect.

Who will be at the meeting?

You will be meeting professionals who have been involved with your family. Everyone there has been invited because they might be able to provide help. People at the meeting may include:

  • Social workers
  • Health professionals
  • Teachers or other education staff
  • Police
  • Voluntary agency.

Your social worker will be able to tell you more about meetings and Signs of Safety.