East Lothian Partnership’s ten-year strategic plan for East Lothian is called The East Lothian Plan 2017-27.

It is our Local Outcomes Improvement Plan (LOIP) under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015. This strategic plan will take us along the path to achieving our Statement of Intent for East Lothian. 

The plan is based on our understanding of East Lothian, the challenges we face and the strengths and opportunities provided, which are set out in East Lothian by Numbers and the related East Lothian Strategic Assessment

From this evidence and analysis, we have developed The East Lothian Plan with the following framework:

  • One overarching intent: to work in partnership to achieve an even more prosperous, safe and sustainable East Lothian, with a dynamic and thriving economy that enables our people and communities to flourish.

  • Three themes: Prosperous, community minded and fair.

  • Seven high level outcomes and eighteen related actions.

This framework aims to enable our partners to design and deliver the services that will make a real difference to the lives of our people and our communities. 

Download the East Lothian Plan 2017-27

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