Where to find current contract opportunities

All requirements for goods and services that are in excess of £50,000 and works that are in excess of £500,000 are advertised on Public Contracts Scotland (PCS). Requirements in excess of the EU Thresholds are also advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) as well as in our Procurement Partnership Website (PCS).

If you are interested in supplying to the council (and other public sector bodies), you can register with PCS and you will automatically be notified of requirements that meet your business profile as and when opportunities arise.

View our current and future contracts:

Go to the Public Contracts Scotland website

Goods and services below £50,000 and works below £500,000

Where requirements for goods and services are below £50,000 and works below £500,000, the council may invite quotations or tenders without advertising the opportunity. A minimum of three quotations are sought by invitation. You must be registered on PCS and select YES to Supplier Finder to be visible to buyers to select your company to quote.

In some cases, a single source supply is appropriate and the council will invite a quotation or tender from one organisation without advertising the opportunity.

Becoming a Supplier