The Historic Environment Record or HER is a record of all known archaeological and historical sites in East and Midlothian. The record is also sometimes called the Sites and Monuments Record (SMR). The HER is maintained by the East Lothian Council Archaeology Service based in Haddington.

The HER records archaeological and historical sites from the early prehistoric period through to recent times. This covers a range of types of sites, historic buildings, landscapes and finds, from prehistoric standing stones to World War II airfields. The HER also holds details of Scheduled Monuments, Listed Buildings, Battlefields and Historic Parks and Gardens, as well as records of recent archaeological fieldwork.

The Historic Environment Record is based on a computerised database with over 17,000 records, which are linked to GIS mapping (computerised digital mapping). This is supplemented with a wide range of material, including fieldwork reports, photographs, plans, aerial photographs, and historic maps. The database is updated regularly with new finds and discoveries.

The Historic Environment Record is a key resource used by the Archaeology Service to advise on planning matters, forestry applications, utility developments, roads, agri-environmental schemes etc.

The Historic Environment Record is also used by members of the public, consultants, history societies, students, and academics. It is a resource that is available for anyone who is interested in finding out about the archaeology and heritage of East Lothian and Midlothian.

Historic Environment Record Online

The HER is available online through the John Gray Centre website. It can be searched either through the map or by the advanced search. This search facility allows you to search the HER at the same time as Archives, Local History, and Museums records for East Lothian.

We do not currently have the facilities for members of the public to visit the HER in person, but if you contact us by phone or email we will endeavour to help you with your research and send you information.

Most public and academic enquiries are free but there will be a charge for commercial enquiries. Please see

Historic Environment Record policy.