The purpose of the Equality Plan is to clearly state the council's commitment to equality and diversity and to demonstrate how we are meeting the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. Together with the action plan, it identifies key priorities for achieving improved equality outcomes in a targeted and consistent way across the council. It also contains the commitments of East Lothian Licensing Board and East Lothian Council acting as Education Authority.

The four keys drivers identified as crucial to delivering on this are as follows:

  • High achieving leadership and management
  • Building workforce capacity
  • Competitive recruitment and retention
  • Positive employment experience

Download our equality plan 2017-21

East Lothian Council mainstreaming report outlines the progress the council has made on advancing equality of opportunity in our services and employment practices. It includes examples of good practice and information about how equality is taken into account across council services and decision making processes.

Our long-term Employment Outcome is that we are a positive workplace for all employees, providing a workplace free of harassment and discrimination, eliminating the pay gap between employees and having a range of flexible employment practices in line with business needs.

Read our 2013-2015 progress reports on mainstreaming equality and achieving our outcomes: