New Development: Blindwells

The Blindwells Development Area comprises the current allocated site and a future safeguarded area, which taken together measure some 540 hectares. This new town development area is located to the north of Tranent and close to the A1 and East Coast Main Line.


The initial Blindwells allocation of 128 hectares has planning permission and detailed proposals are emerging and the initial phases of development are underway. This part of the Blindwells Development Area will deliver 1,600 homes, and new employment and commercial uses as well as education, community and healthcare facilities and transport and public transport and other infrastructure.


The Blindwells Development Area also features within the Council’s Vision emerging proposals for a fresh National Development Area within National Planning Framework 4, to be prepared by Scottish Ministers. This proposals comprise the former Cockenzie Power Station site and the surrounding communities and the land between them. Here, there are ambitions to deliver new transportation, water management, cultural heritage, leisure and biodiversity proposals, as well as measures that will enable enterprise and resilient communities. There is also opportunity to deliver low and zero carbon and green and blue as well as digital infrastructure in the area. Overall, the aim is to knit the landscape and communities together so assets can be shared and to enable more sustainable lifestyles. Further information on this high level emerging vision can be found here.


We believe the Blindwells Development Area can be transformed into a vibrant new community for the 21st century and beyond, with a development programme of 30 years or more. We are keen to secure development of a high quality, influential, innovative, healthy and a low carbon new mixed community that meets the needs and aspirations of future generations as an exemplar place to live, work and play, while also helping to enable a just transition to net zero carbon.


The East Lothian Local Development Plan, approved by Scottish Ministers, identifies the Blindwells Development Area as a location for a new settlement with potential for more than 6,000 new homes and wider essential infrastructure. This provides significant opportunities for affordable housing, economic development, inward investment and job creation, and to help enable a just transition to net zero carbon places.


In 2017, Hargreaves Land received planning permission in principle for 1,600 new homes across 128 hectares of the site. This first phase of development would include mixed tenures of affordable properties, education facilities, a healthcare hub, local retail outlets and other services needed for a new community.