Energy Efficiency for Homeowners

Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland; Area Based Schemes (HEEPS; ABS)

The Scottish Government award this funding to Local Authorities to develop and deliver fuel poverty programmes (mainly solid wall insulation) in areas with high levels of fuel poverty.

The area-based schemes are designed and delivered by Local Authorities. They target fuel-poor areas to provide energy efficiency measures to a large number of Scottish homes while delivering emission savings and helping reduce fuel poverty.

The three objectives of HEEPS: ABS set out by the Scottish Government are:

Working in partnership with the Scottish Government, East Lothian Council are offering grant funding to householders to encourage the uptake of energy efficiency improving measures with a specific focus on solid wall insulation and hard to treat properties.

These projects are funded by the Scottish Government in order to help householder’s access grants and assistance to make their homes warmer and more affordable to heat.

Since the introduction of HEEPs ABS in 2013/14, £4.0m of grant funding has been secured for programmes within East Lothian. This has included; loft insulation, cavity insulation and more recently External Wall Installation measures. All of which are linked to carbon reduction and have contributed to reducing levels of fuel poverty for around 1,877 private households in East Lothian.

To find out if you can benefit from this funding please contact Home Energy Scotland.

Heat Pumps for Home Owners 

Changeworks and Warmworks are currently working together, funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, to deliver the Electrification of Heat Demonstration Project to houdeholders in South East Scotland. The project will install a range of different heat pumps, which are a renewable form of domestic heating technology, in around 250 homes across the region. The cost of the heat pump and installation is fully covered. 

The aim of the project is to make homes warmer and more energy efficienct over the longer term, as well as reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and traditional sources of heat. 

If you are interested in taking part, you can register and apply through Warmworks or call Changeworks on 0131 539 8609.