What is Rapid Rehousing?

All Local Authorities in Scotland were required to submit a Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan (RRTP) by 31st December 2018. 

The Scottish Government set out the vision for rapid rehousing;

  • a settled, mainstream and sustainable housing outcome as quickly as possible
  • time spent in any form of temporary accommodation reduced to a minimum, with the fewer the transitions the better
  • When temporary accommodation is needed, the preferable option is mainstream, furnished and within a community

And for people with multiple needs beyond housing

  • Housing First is the first response for people with severe and multiple disadvantages
  • Highly specialist proivsion with small, shared, supported and trauma informed environments if mainstream housing, including Housing First, is not possible or preferably.

Rapid Rehousing Transition Plans will describe how to redress the local balance of temporary and settle housing options to align with the new vision, initially over a 5 year period.