Community support for the climate emergency

Find your local sustainability initiative and get involved:

Community action is key to tackle the climate emergency. In East Lothian we are very lucky to have many local sustainable initiatives and groups taking daily climate action:

Is your sustainable community initiative/group missing? Email to tell us about it.


Walk, wheel and cycle. East Lothian is a fantastic place to explore in an active way or through sustainable travel options such as public transport and electric vehicles. Here are our travel tips to get around in the county:

Consumption and waste

Around 80% of Scotland’s carbon footprint comes from the stuff we consume and waste. We all need to do our bit to buy less, reuse what we have and recycle.

Nature and biodiversity

We are in a nature crisis and need to look after the nature and biodiversity of East Lothian.


About a third of all produced food is wasted. To tackle the climate emergency we need to stop food waste and eat more plant-based, local and seasonal produce.

Read about how you can take action with support from these resources:

Energy - on your save energy bills and stay warmer

Find out what your carbon footprint is

Everything we do has an impact on climate change and global warming. A first way to take action is to understand your impact. you can get an estimate by measuring your carbon footprint.