Members of East Lothian Planning Committee met on Tuesday 15 January to decide on an application relating to Promenade, Musselburgh.

The application involved an extension to a house and formation of a roof terrace with balustrade.

The application was called off the Scheme of Delegation List by Councillor Forrest, who felt that the development would not look out of place.

Planners had recommended refusal of the application for various reasons including that the two storey extension would not be in keeping with the character and appearance of the existing house; the detrimental effect on neighbouring properties and the fact that the site is in a flood risk area and no evidence had been submitted to demonstrate that the proposed extension would not be at risk of flooding.

Committee members unanimously upheld the officers’ recommendation to refuse planning permission.

The relevant application number is 18/001119/P.

Published: Wednesday, 16th January 2019