Aggressive and abusive language and behaviour leads to complaints

An interim ASBO was issued at Edinburgh Sheriff Court against Stephen Arthur (41) of King Street, Musselburgh prohibiting him from using aggressive, abusive or intimidating language or behaviour, or engaging in physical violence within the property he occupies in King Street, Musselburgh, or permitting or encouraging visitors to do the same, such as to cause, or be likely to cause, alarm or distress to other residents of, or visitors to King Street, Musselburgh.

In addition, Mr Arthur is prohibited from generating any kind of excessive noise such as repeated banging or slamming of doors within his property at King Street, Musselburgh which may disturb neighbouring residents or visitors.

A number of complaints about Mr Arthur’s behaviour, and that of visitors to his property, have been received by East Lothian Council’s Safer Communities Team and centred on his abusive and aggressive language and behaviour towards visitors to, and neighbours of, his property which has caused alarm and distress to other residents and visitors in King Street, Musselburgh.

A council spokesperson said: “East Lothian Council recognises the negative impact that antisocial behaviour can have on members of the public. We use a range of measures to tackle such behaviour, including the raising of legal proceedings in serious and persistent cases. I would encourage anyone affected by antisocial behaviour to report it via the council’s Antisocial Behaviour Helpline on 01875 824 307”. 


Published: Friday, 1st February 2019