Complaints lead to legal action

An Interim ASBO was issued at Edinburgh Sheriff Court against Jordan Buchan (28) of Goose Green Avenue, Musselburgh prohibiting him from shouting, swearing, using aggressive, abusive or intimidating language or behaviour within his property, or within Goose Green Avenue, or permitting or encouraging others to do the same.

Mr Buchan is also prohibited from engaging in acts of physical violence or permitting or encouraging others to do the same in or near a property at Goose Green Avenue. The Interim ASBO also prohibits Mr Buchan from generating any kind of excessive noise such as the repeated banging or slamming of doors and having more than two visitors to his property, except those there in the course of their employment.

A council spokesperson said: “East Lothian Council will take the appropriate legal action against those who persistently behave in a way that causes alarm and distress to others. Anyone in East Lothian who is affected by antisocial behaviour can call the Council’s dedicated 24 hours a day Helpline on 01875 824 307”.

Published: Thursday, 21st February 2019