Policy and Performance Review Committee note improved council performance

A report detailing the performance of East Lothian Council’s services over the financial year 2018/19 was noted at today’s (Wednesday 12 June) Policy and Performance Review Committee (PPRC).

The Council has an established set of Key Performance Indicators to help monitor progress towards the outcomes contained in the Council Plan 2017- 2022 and East Lothian Plan. The indicators are updated on a quarterly basis with the results reported to the PPRC.

Council Leader Willie Innes, said: “This thorough report provides clear information to our local residents and businesses about the improvements that have been made in our council services. How the council performs is not just about achieving targets but rather how this contributes to an integrated approach that is making East Lothian an even better place in which to live and work.”

“Local authorities currently face unprecedented tight financial constraints and whilst we have had to make some difficult budget decisions this report shows we have still managed to achieve so much with reduced resources to have not only maintained but actually to improve our performance.”

Key improvements identified within the report include:

  • The number of homelessness cases has reduced and expected to decrease further with the introduction of new housing options during 2019/20
  • The number of Business Gateway Start ups increased by 20%
  • The % of East Lothian population claiming out of work allowance (JSA / Universal Credit) is 2.9% which is both below target and the Scottish average of 3.1%
  • Business Rates and Council Tax collection both increased and over target

Cllr Innes added: “This report to the PPRC provides an excellent indicator of progress achieved during the past financial year but other data still being gathered from other sources including the NHS and the East Lothian residents’ survey will provide further information to be reported fully as part of the council’s Annual Public Performance Report. While recognising we still face challenges ahead, East Lothian Council continues to provide quality services for our residents, business and visitors.”

Published: Wednesday, 12th June 2019