Programme agreed for renovation works at Haddington Corn Exchange.

Following extensive surveys, both external and internal, of the historic Haddington Corn Exchange building, an agreed programme of works and the appointment of a contractor has been finalised with a proposed start date on site of 9th September.

The Corn Exchange was built in 1854 and the fabric of such an historic building required careful and extensive inspection which unfortunately delayed the early proposed start date. The work is expected to be completed by summer 2020.

The main project work includes installing new roof lights in the main hall, roof repairs, replacing timber flooring in the main hall, creating a new storage area, new kitchen, additional toilets and redecoration.

While tenders for the project were received earlier this year, it was felt necessary for specialist contractors to carry out further intrusive survey work to establish whether hidden defects may be present in the building.

As a result of the intrusive survey work it has not been possible for the main hall to be used in recent months. However, the lunch club has been able to continue using the rear hall.

A council spokesperson said: “While it had been expected that refurbishment work would have started earlier, further intrusive survey work has been necessary before progress can be made. We are pleased that this survey activity has been carried out and we are looking forward to seeing refurbishment work move forward.

“We recognise that the Corn Exchange is a well-used facility in Haddington and the wider area and appreciate the patience and understanding of its users. Ultimately the refurbishment will deliver significant improvements to this much-loved Victorian building, enabling visitors to enjoy the benefits of this historic building at the heart of the town centre for many years to come.”

Published: Wednesday, 31st July 2019