Liam is an apprentice roadworker with our Roads Operations team.

Liam worked in an office for four years before starting to look for something more practical. “I started off as an apprentice at my old job as well, but I was getting bored of sitting in an office every day,” he explains, “so I applied for this and got it. It’s been good so far, and I’ll get my certificate from college at the end of it.”

The guys are good, they're showing me how to do stuff and taking the time to try and help me.

Liam’s been enjoying the variety of the job, which was another aspect that appealed to him when making the decision to change careers. “Every day’s different. I’ve been helping the guys slab East Linton High Street, tarring roads, and yesterday we were cleaning out gullies and drains to find out why they’re blocked,” Liam explained.

Although he’s only been in the job for a month, Liam’s team have helped him get a good feel for the types of work involved. He said, “I’ve been out with quite a few squads now and seen different things already. The guys are good, they’re showing me how to do stuff and taking the time to try and help me.”

Liam and the team are responsible for all aspects of road construction and maintenance, including drainage works, road signs, road markings, traffic signals and road structures like bridges. The team also maintain roadside gullies and street lights, keep roads and pavements clear of spillages, and are getting prepared for this season’s winter maintenance now the colder weather is approaching.

Liam Dunn, apprentice roadworker

Published: Tuesday, 1st October 2019