Scottish Water, along with partner organisations, is continuing to take action after an incident which resulted in ‘advice against bathing’ public notices at Belhaven Bay.

Scottish Water identified a substance spill from an external site into the sewer network in the Dunbar area on 18 December which impacted the normal treatment process at Dunbar Waste Water Treatment Works.


Whilst the situation has improved, work is still being done to make the site fully operational again. Scottish Water is working 24/7 to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and in the meantime there may be some screened discharge of waste water from the long sea outfall into coastal waters which is why the ‘advice against bathing’ continues. It is hoped this issue will be resolved before the end of January.


Scottish Water will continue to work with SEPA, East Lothian Council and NHS Lothian on this this issue. Members of the public can contact SEPA’s  24-hour Pollution Hotline on 0800 807060 to report any potential pollution events.

Published: Wednesday, 15th January 2020