More EV chargepoints coming to East Lothian

The East Lothian Council team responsible for the electric vehicle (EV) charging network has had a busy year. As well as installing over 40 chargepoints across the country in 2019, they have attracted external funding for significantly more, including some innovative solutions to satisfy future demand from EV owners.

The most exciting news for 2020 will be the installation of ChargePlace Scotland’s fastest EV chargepoints at the Wallyford Park & Choose hub. These 150kW chargers will be able to deliver an 80% charge to a compatible vehicle battery in 30-45 minutes, typically adding around 200 miles real-world range. They will be arranged in bays along the lines of a traditional petrol station, which would allow charging of a longer vehicle, such as a mini-bus, long-wheelbase van, or a vehicle pulling a trailer. These chargepoints are being installed thanks to generous support from Transport Scotland, in order to increase the options for vehicles driving into the forthcoming Edinburgh Low Emission Zone.

The Wallyford Park & Choose hub will also see the installation of a number of slower chargepoints which are ideal for EV owners jumping on the bus or train to travel into the city, and picking up their fully charged vehicle on their return. The tariff for charging from these slower chargers will be set at 16p per kWh or £6.40 to fully charge a battery which could take you 200 miles.

Alongside the tariffs, which will apply from Monday 10 February 2020, new parking restrictions are being introduced to ensure that chargepoints are available to people when they need them.  Evidence suggests that Journey (Rapid) used for quick-top-ups to allow users to continue to their Destination, and charging bays are not likely to be occupied for more than 10-20 minutes.

Accordingly, parking will be restricted to a maximum of 45 minutes with an automatic penalty of £1 per minute for overstaying. This will ensure that these critical chargepoints are never tied up for too long. The cost for using Journey chargers in East Lothian will be set at 30p per kWh, and all will be able to take contactless payment allowing for seamless charging for people who are passing through and may not be registered on the ChargePlace Scotland system.

Environment spokesperson, Cllr Norman Hampshire said: “The team at East Lothian Council  have ensured that there is at least one Journey Charger in each of our larger towns and at strategic points on the road network., There are also a growing number of slower (Destination) chargers which will give electric vehicle owners in the county the convenience of overnight charging close to where they live.

“Funding for an additional 18 of these in residential areas has come from the UK government’s Office of Low Emission Vehicles and Transport Scotland. Parking will be limited to a maximum of 4 hours during the day and with no restrictions after 5.30pm.

“We are always interested to hear from local residents and businesses about the expansion of EV charge network. To suggest new locations for chargers close to where you need them, please contact the team at .

“East Lothian Council is also working with the Energy Saving Trust to green our own fleet and 12 chargepoints will be installed at our depots and workplaces this year.”

More information is available at

Published: Tuesday, 21st January 2020