To celebrate Scottish Apprenticeship Week, we're showcasing a range of apprentices across our business and county.

I’d definitely recommend it to anyone. It gives you a kickstart into working life.

Apprenticeships come in different forms but all offer an alternative route into employment. Today we’re focusing on our craft apprentices – and have details on eight vacancies that are open right now.

Joe Stockman is one of the managers who recruits and supports our trade apprentices. He believes the council’s track record in providing a well-regarded programme is why the positions are always highly sought after. “We’re fully committed to our apprenticeship programme,” he explains. “I’d say we excel with the amount of apprentices and the apprenticeships that we’ve managed to offer and maintain through to completion. We work to nurture and mentor apprentices, and spread the workload over all of the different tradesmen. It’s always been valuable.”

We currently have 10 craft apprentices working across a range of trades: roofers, plasterers, joiners, electricians, blacksmiths, painters and plumbers. Our supply of council housing keeps them busy and provides an ideal platform for learning a wide range of skills. The starting salary is £13,798.85, rising each year of the apprenticeship but that’s not the only benefit to undertaking an apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship will take four years to complete. Day-to-day, apprentices will work alongside an experienced tradesperson to tackle different tasks. They will also attend college to gain the necessary qualifications in their field. While most of the work will be undertaken in domestic settings, our apprentices gain experience in commercial environments too. There can be differences between the two areas so this approach provides them with a greater understanding and enhanced skills to build on throughout their career. Apprentice plumbers spend time with British Gas to gain the added benefit of their Gas Safe certification.

Apprentice joiner Mathew joined the scheme straight from Musselburgh Grammar School. It’s a route he would recommend to others. “I’d definitely recommend it to anyone. It gives you a kickstart into working life,” he says.  

Apprentice plumber Calum was employed in another field when he made the decision to apply to the council and agrees with Mathew about the benefits of an apprenticeship, saying: “I worked in a warehouse for two years. I made the decision to go for it – it’s good to get a trade and something for the future. I’ve loved it.”

We have eight apprenticeship positions available across five trades. The positions are open to East Lothian residents with age restrictions. Find out more about the roles, the qualifications required and the age restrictions from  

Follow us all week to read about apprentices working across out area. Find out more about apprenticeships from Apprenticeships Scotland from Skills Development Scotland.

Trade apprentices share their experiences for Apprenticeship Week 2020.

Trade apprentices share their experiences for Apprenticeship Week 2020.


Published: Monday, 2nd March 2020