Statement from Depute Council Leader Councillor Norman Hampshire.

In this extraordinarily serious situation we are facing, may I on behalf of East Lothian Council reassure the communities across East Lothian that the Council and our staff will do all we can to support you through the uncertain times ahead. 

Our communities across East Lothian are facing some very challenging times in the days, weeks and months ahead dealing with the consequences of the Coronavirus. If we are going to deal with the challenges we are all going to face, we all need to work together. Every service the Council provides to you and your community will be affected. The Council and every member of our staff will do all we can to help you and our communities get over the impact of the Coronavirus and get your community life back to normal as quickly as possible.

However to do that we will need your support and understanding as we reduce or in some cases stop non-essential services in order to continue providing essential services to our most vulnerable. The Council will inevitably be working with fewer staff so please understand that some things will stop and others will take longer than normal to deliver. We will provide information through our website and social media on what changes we are making and how these changes will affect you. I would ask that you try and look out for these updates and take the appropriate actions to help our staff deliver your service.

I would also ask if you could look out for any vulnerable people in your community who may require support. If you are unable to provide the support they need you can contact your local Resilience Group Member who will be happy to assist.  

I am confident that with our strong resilient communities and our dedicated Council staff that we have in East Lothian we will get through this very difficult time together.

Councillor Norman Hampshire, Depute Council Leader

Published: Tuesday, 24th March 2020