Weekend collections of garden waste

A garden waste collection will take place over two weekends – 2/3 May and 9/10 May.

During these weekends residents should place their brown bin at the kerbside on the relevant Saturday morning no later than 07:00 and leave out until collected which can be up to 4pm on the Sunday.

We will collect from all properties however issues may arise outwith our control where we are unable to complete a collection given the scale of the operation being carried out or due to access issues. If this occurs, we apologise in advance to any residents who may miss this collection. If your bin is not collected by 4pm on the Sunday please retrieve your brown bin and continue to store your garden waste until we have the resources available to attempt collections again.

Although crews will try their hardest to reach every property please be aware that due to difficulties posed by the current COVID-19 pandemic we will be unable to reschedule missed bins or bins that may not be fully emptied due to jammed contents.

We are aware that many residents will have excess garden waste stored in bags or other containers. The collection crews cannot uplift additional containers/ bags of garden waste as this will reduce the overall amount of properties that can have their brown bin emptied.

Please follow these guidelines when presenting your garden waste for collection:-

  • Do not overfill/pack the bin – If the contents cannot slide out of the bin we cannot empty it.
  • Make sure the bin is not too heavy – our staff have to be able to move the bin and our vehicles have to be able to lift the bin to empty it.
  • Do not put general waste in the bin as it will not be collected

If your garden waste (Brown) bin was due to be emptied on the following dates:

  • Mon 20 April
  • Tues 21 April
  • Wed 22 April
  • Thurs 23 April
  • Friday 24 April

Please present your bins for collection on Saturday 2 May for collection that weekend.

If your garden waste (Brown) bin was due to be emptied on the following dates,

  • Mon 27 April
  • Tues 28 April
  • Wed 29 April
  • Thurs 30 April
  • Friday 1 May

Please present your bins for collection on Saturday 9 May for collection that weekend.  You can check your usual collection dates online.

Published: Thursday, 23rd April 2020