East Lothian's coastal and countryside car parks to remain closed

The closure of coastal/countryside car parks and children’s play areas is to remain in place at this time.

While progress is being made, COVID-19 continues to pose a significant risk to health and the national message remains – stay at home as much as possible.

In starting to gradually ease the lockdown restrictions, the Scottish Government has advised that (from 29 May) people can travel short distances for outdoor leisure and exercise but should remain in their local area – suggested to be five miles from home, although people are asked to use their judgment. This is to reduce the risk that places such as beaches or popular beauty spots become crowded making physical distancing harder to maintain.

During yesterday’s press conference, the First Minister commented: “… if your car parks have been closed and your public toilets have been closed, keep them closed for now is my advice.” She also said “we do not want people flocking to beauty spots…”

People are encouraged to walk, wheel or cycle where possible as our parks and open spaces remain open locally to exercise and recreation subject to the social distancing requirements.

In light of this and the approach to the Scottish Government’s four-phase ‘route map’, our coastal and countryside car parks will remain closed at this time. This position is supported by Police Scotland.

Children’s play areas also remain closed given the risk of cross-infection from contact surfaces.

In due course, we will provide an update on plans when appropriate to do so.

We’re grateful to East Lothian residents for continuing to follow the really important government and national health advice. Continuing to do so will be key in enabling the Government to take further steps to ease the restrictions in future.

Published: Friday, 29th May 2020