The First Minister last week announced that Scotland has entered Phase 1 of its recovery route map,

More details will be published in the coming weeks dabout what this means for the county's schools as further information is made available by the national Education Recovery Group. However the council has confirmed what this means for its Children’s Hubs and schools.

Chief Operating Officer for Education Lesley Brown said: “Our Hubs were welcomed by the families who have been eligible for this provision. It has allowed our keyworkers to continue with their essential roles and provided stability and support for their children while they do so. As our staff return to schools we must look at how we can combine the requirements to continue to provide this emergency childcare, plan for a new and very different academic year, and continue to support distance learning. Children currently attending the six Children’s Hubs will move to their own school for childcare during June.  Parents are being informed about this change and the arrangements being put in place to support their child.

“Learning from the Hubs has also been helpful to us as we establish new routines and practices and this experience will be vital as we move forward.”

Teachers' return to school

Head Teachers have already begun planning for the reopening of school buildings in June. From 8 June, they will be putting in place arrangements for school staff to have access to the building as required to start planning for the new school session. Throughout June, schools will also continue to provide distance learning and support for children. The Education Service will be surveying parents in the coming weeks, to gather their views about the reopening of schools.

Children’s Hubs

As more school buildings open and education staff return to their own schools, the Children’s Hubs providing emergency childcare for keyworkers’ and vulnerable children will close. Children will instead move to receive support within their normal school setting from 8 June. This further provides those children an opportunity to become reacclimatised to their surroundings and re-establish relationships with their usual teaching team. It will also enable the council to provide more spaces for children who are considered vulnerable. Schools remain closed to all other pupils.

Summer holiday provision

Plans are well underway to offer keyworkers’ children and vulnerable families’ spaces at summer holiday provision offered in four centralised locations. Spaces will be limited only for keyworkers who will be required to work over the summer break, require emergency childcare and have no alternative provision. As with the Easter holidays, this will be led by staff from across the council and will focus on fun activities such as outdoor play, arts and crafts, and music. Families already attending Hubs will be invited to apply for summer holiday provision.

Published: Thursday, 4th June 2020