Survey works to re-start in Musselburgh

The preferred Musselburgh flood protection scheme was approved earlier in 2020 at the January Cabinet meeting. The approval included the next phase of project which is the outline design for the preferred flood protection scheme for the town, and also agreement to seek additional external funding for this major infrastructure project.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the proposed timetable for this project has had to be modified. Following a Project Board meeting in late May, it was agreed that the conclusion of the Outline Design work will be by July 2021 rather than the original proposed date of December 2020.

Environment spokesperson, Cllr Norman Hampshire, said: “Whilst the Project Team were able to maintain some progress on advancing the Scheme by homeworking through lockdown most of the practical outdoor activities were suspended. The team are now however moving back into a fully operational state, with survey work about to continue or start within Musselburgh.”

“Initial survey works started earlier in the year took place at Rosebury Reservoir, Edgelaw Reservoir, and along the river by the Cowpits. The resumption of survey work later this month will first be at Eskmills, then along the Fisherrow coastal frontage, the River Esk corridor and at Fisherrow Promenade.”

“Ground investigation survey works will also start with a base established to the north of Mountjoy Terrace. A total of 29 boreholes will be sunk along the Esk corridor and the foreshore from the mouth of the Esk to Bookers Cash n Carry. Each borehole will be enclosed by safety fencing and are a temporary requirement lasting until September.”

Project Manager, Conor Price, added: “It’s important that the essential survey work is starting up again so that the Project Team can gather the necessary information for the next stage of this initiative. Local residents may spot in August divers and contractors with surveying equipment at Eskmills and Goosegreen weirs and we will also have staff locating and opening various manholes across the town for CCTV surveys of underground pipes.”

“All of this survey work is essential to gather all relevant data to ensure the best possible flood protection measures will be employed for Musselburgh.”

Published: Wednesday, 8th July 2020