As road operator BEAR Scotland continues repairs to the A68 at Fala, we’ve been monitoring the impact of its closure on local roads.

We had hoped that the main diversion route would take traffic away from our local roads. After regular monitoring, it’s clear that this is not the case and the level of traffic along the B6371 and B6368 has significantly increased, including a rise in the number HGV vehicles.

As a result of this increase, combined with recent severe inclement wet weather, we have concerns about the impact this is having on the condition of the road, verges and embankments. We are also aware of concerns in local communities.

That’s why we have decided that the road at the junction of the U116/Windy Mains, and the B6371 and B6368 at Humbie, will be closed to HGV traffic at this time. Local access will be maintained. 

A diversion route will be signposted via the B6368, B6455 and A6093. We will continue to  monitor the effectiveness of these temporary  measures. Further additional measures might be required to deal with the impact of this closure on the A68  and will be considered where appropriate.

See more details on the closure.

Published: Thursday, 27th August 2020