Meet Daniel! Our Service Development Officer at East Lothian Works and find out more about his role within the council.

Daniel Stevens joined East Lothian Council in July 2020 as Service Development officer within East Lothian Works.

As the economy attempts to recover during the Covid pandemic, East Lothian Works has continued to support people looking to get into work and businesses seeking to bring on new employees, providing them with training and skills development. Daniel works with businesses to identify grants that employees may be eligible for when being hired. He assists these individuals during the grant process in order to overcome any barriers they may have to a successful employment.

Covid has brought many new challenges but also opportunities, such as the government Kickstart programme, which will allow organisations in the area to give funded opportunities to young people attempting to get into the labour market. Daniel works to connect the funding available with employers and employees in East Lothian, ensuring that funding and support is given to those that need it.

Daniel graduated from The University of Huddersfield in 2016 with a first-class degree in Sociology, before undertaking his Master’s degree at Newcastle University in Local and Regional Economic Development. He then undertook additional research at Coventry University, before deciding to work in local government and experience first-hand how local government operates.

Daniel was brought in as a Business Support Officer for the Emergency Planning Unit in January 2020, which became a particularly challenging job during the COVID pandemic as the unit became operational 7 days a week and staff were required to work long and additional hours to coordinate the delivery of the response in the area. However this was a brilliant learning opportunity and Daniel was able to gain invaluable experience.

Starting his current post during the pandemic has meant that Daniel has been learning his new job role almost entirely remotely, which has brought some challenges. 

“Learning a new role during these times has not been easy, but I’m grateful for the team around” he said: “Our team have been amazing, I would be completely lost without speaking to my colleagues nearly every day. They have created such a welcoming atmosphere for me and are always available to answer any questions I have. I’m really grateful for the opportunity I have here, knowing that what we do helps people find work and assists businesses operate in our area. This gives me a great deal of satisfaction and motivates me.”

Daniel will continue to explore funding opportunities available so that the sustained support provided by East Lothian Works to local businesses and individuals can continue, ensuring that funding, training and support is matched up as effectively as possible across the county.

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Published: Wednesday, 7th October 2020