East Lothian’s Cabinet has agreed to publish the fifth Tenant Participation Strategy, a national legal requirement which sets out how the council, as a landlord, will engage with its tenants.

The strategy ensures a two-way flow of information between tenants and the council. It sets out what information the council will provide and what tenants will be consulted on, over the three year period up to 2023.


Councillor Jim Goodfellow, East Lothian Council spokesperson for Housing, said: “This is a really inclusive piece of work and I thank the East Lothian Tenants and Residents Panel (ELTRP) for their help in reviewing our previous policy and informing changes to this most recent strategy. We fully recognise and value the importance of consultation and communication with our tenants to help make our services as a social landlord the highest quality, for the benefit of all our tenants.


“I am particularly pleased that in the last few years the council has achieved Tenants Information Service (TIS) Gold Scrutiny Accreditation, our Tenant Scrutiny Group won the TIS Scrutiny Excellence Award in 2018 and ELTRP won the Tenants Group of the Year Award in 2019.


“We will continue to work closely with our fantastic tenant volunteers in scrutinising our services and constantly striving to build and improve on the work we do.”


The Tenant Participation Strategy 2020-23 will be available on the council website or you can request a copy by emailing the community housing service development team at chsdt@eastlothian.gov.uk or by calling 0800 413 721.

Published: Tuesday, 10th November 2020