Cases of COVID-19 continue to be reported in East Lothian.

The county is currently in Protection Level 2. Key points about what this means:

  • There continue to be restrictions on meeting others socially - this includes not meeting anyone who is not from your household indoors in your home or in their home
  • People should not travel from Level 2 areas such as East Lothian into Level 3 or 4 local authority areas, unless it is essential
  • Edinburgh remains in Level 3 at this time
  • People should not travel from Level 3 or 4 areas into East Lothian if their journey is unnecessary
  • Travel restrictions were put into law last month

You can read more about the requirements of Protection Level 2 on the Scottish Government website.

There is also a page with specific travel advice. 

Remember ‘FACTS’:

F reminds us to cover our faces

A means avoiding crowded places

C is for cleaning our hands regularly

T is for the two-metre distance we all need to maintain

S is to self-isolate if we think we’ve caught the virus.

Other useful links include:

Published: Monday, 14th December 2020